YOTA.BIZ Where did you go?

YOTA.BIZ Where did you go?

The YOTA.BIZ Website is not online.

  • November 24 YOTA.BIZ announced the start of CryptoYotaCoin
  • Withdrawals locked up… waiting for CryptoYotaCoin
  • CryptoYotaCoin was supposed to start December 14
  • December 14th came and went.
  • Next: Pop up contact went away
  • Next: Admin messages were wiped out, including the CryptoYotaCoin accouncement
  • Next: Website went offline

We can only speculate since there has been no accouncements

  • Did they take the money?
  • Are there problems implementing CryptoYotaCoin into the website?
  • Have they been hacked?

What do you think is happening to YOTA.BIZ
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